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Paulette Arana, DDS

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The Upper Kirby Houston-area dental practice Paulette Arana, DDS is committed to performing high-quality dental cleanings that ward off cavities and gum issues. Twice-yearly teeth cleanings can yield excellent results, removing deep-seated plaque and smoothing out the surface of your tooth to prevent accumulation. Call or go online today to take the first step toward dental health.

Cleanings Q & A

What is a dental cleaning?

Dental cleanings at Paulette Arana, DDS include:

A physical exam

A dental hygienist examines your teeth before beginning the cleaning to make sure there are no inflamed areas or other issues that might make the cleaning painful or difficult.

Plaque and tartar removal

Using a small mirror and scaler, your dental hygienist scrapes off plaque and tartar that are nestled out of your normal reach. If you’re an expert flosser, this shouldn’t take long at all.

Electric-powered tooth cleaning

After the plaque and tartar removal, your hygienist uses a high-powered brush and gritty toothpaste to scrub off any excess the scaler wasn’t able to remove.


Because dental hygienists know that flossing isn’t part of everyone’s daily routine, they’ll professionally floss your teeth and tell you which areas are more prone to gum bleeding.

Fluoride treatment

Finally, a fluoride treatment is applied to your teeth to protect them from cavities.

What tools are used during a cleaning?

Dr. Arana uses the following tools during a dental cleaning:

  • Ultrasonic instruments
  • Fine hand tools

When should you get your teeth cleaned?

It’s a general rule that you should get a teeth cleaning twice a year. Depending on your overall dental health, Dr. Arana might recommend a different schedule.

Dr. Arana recommends that you get your teeth cleaned more often than twice a year if you have a history of periodontal disease. More frequent top-quality cleanings prevent infections or diseases.

People struggling with diabetes and heart disease should also consider more regular cleanings, as these conditions are linked to dental problems.

Can teeth cleanings damage your enamel?

It’s unlikely that a teeth cleaning will damage your enamel since it’s the most robust substance in your body. Enamel gives your teeth a coating of protection and prevents erosion linked to grinding, biting, and chewing.

Dr. Arana identifies the areas where your enamel might be weakening and gives you professional dental hygiene techniques to bring it back to top health.

Can the dentist tell if you don’t floss your teeth?

Dr. Arana can tell if you’re not flossing. Most people don’t have a regular flossing routine. Remember, if you’re not flossing, you’re not cleaning 40% of your tooth surface.

Dr. Arana points out the areas that need flossing and helps you prevent inflammation between the gums, cavities, and more.

Good dental hygiene starts with a regular cleaning schedule. Dr. Arana is committed to providing the best care possible for optimal results. Call or go online to book your first teeth cleaning with Dr. Arana.