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A bridge fills in the space when you’re missing one or more teeth. If you live in the are of Upper Kirby, Houston, trust expert dentist Dr. Paulette Arana to fix your bridge so your smile looks natural and full. Call her office at Paulette Arana, DDS or book an appointment online to learn about the options for a dental bridge.

Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge actually “bridges” the gap where teeth are missing. It consists of a prosthetic tooth, or teeth, affixed to anchoring crowns on either side. This traditional style of bridge is best when you have natural teeth surrounding the area where teeth are missing.

To fix this type of bridge, Dr. Arana has to file down the anchoring teeth and place a crown over them.

What other types of bridges are options?

A bridge can still replace missing teeth even if you have only one natural tooth supporting the gap. A cantilever bridge can be secured on the natural tooth, which is capped with a crown, to fill in missing teeth.

Maryland bridges are less invasive than a traditional bridge. Instead of filing down the anchoring teeth, Dr. Arana bonds the bridge’s framework onto the backs of the teeth adjacent to your gap. The drawbacks to this type of bridge are that it may not be as durable as a conventional bridge, and the bonding at the back of the teeth can affect your bite.

A bridge may also be supported by implants, rather than your natural teeth.

Why might I opt for a bridge?

The best way to replace a missing tooth is through an implant, but these metal posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone aren’t always possible. If you don’t have enough bone or healthy gums, an implant may not be an option, so a bridge is your best choice for replacing missing teeth.

Bridges may also be a better option than an implant if you’ve been missing a tooth for so long that the existing teeth have shifted. There may just not be enough room for an implant without additional dental support, such as braces.

A bridge can be put into place much faster than an implant, too. An implant can take months to complete; a bridge may take just one or two visits. Bridges may also be more affordable than implants.

When you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, call Paulette Arana, DDS or book an appointment online to find out about the potential of filling in your gaps with a fixed dental bridge.